Camera Obscura
100 NOK

All in English. Camera Obscura was created at Oslo 24 Hour Challenge on june 10th 2015. The script and all pages were created within 24 hours.

Robin W Scott/Mini Comic Courier said:

"(...) subtle watercolours perfectly enhancing the story of photographer commissioned to take a portrait of Death, hinting at the fading sepia-tones of old photographs throughout. It's a testament to Jens' abilities as a visual storyteller that it took me a second read-through to notice Camera Obscura is a silent comic, relying briefly on visual captions to suggest sound effects, and a smattering of punctuation to indicate conversation never elaborated on.

And in the tradition of the great silent comedies, which it seems to embody, Camera Obscura is not left wanting for that omission, relying ably on some neatly-crafted and expressive body language and some melodramatic exaggerated facials to carry its poignant and charmingly funny tale.

For me, Jens marks himself here as an accomplished storyteller, not least because of the limitations of the 24-hour challenge and the fact he has created something so perfectly well formed within that time, but for the deft way he handles the humour of the book, something not easy to pull off, but served up so naturally here. I'll be rooting out more Jens K Styve, and I highly recommend you do the same at the first available opportunity."

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