Cabin Fever

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All in English. It´s here! The limited edition of my comic Cabin Fever, 100 copies signed, numbered and with a unique drawing in it. 

Size: A5, 28 pages.

Cabin Fever is my first comic in years. After working as a graphic designer for a long time, this feels like "coming home". I wanted to have a fully organic approach to this project, using only my two favorite materials: black ink and strong coffee. 

If you allready ordered it, you should keep an eye on your mailbox the coming weeks/days, I´m signing and shipping them as fast as I can! It´s a limited edition of only 100 copies (signed, numbered and with a unique drawing in it), the earliest pre-orders will get the lowes numbers. 

"Cabin Fever is gorgeous. Really beautiful. Jens has a really organic line, he's one of those who blends cartoony with DARK really well. It looks fun, but has a foreboding of ... Doom." 
Optic Blast, Podcast